Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July, 2012

What a great week.  Zach & Shanna came last weekend and stayed until Jay & Amy arrived so Shanna could meet Hadassah.    The five kids managed to fit into our small pool on their first hot day together.

Swim time!

Caitlin came loaded down with sparklers Wednesday night, so everyone got to burn some.  Josiah learned and demonstrated to the rest of us that a sparkler will even burn under pool water.

After our own fireworks display, we went to the edge of town to watch the out-of-control fireworks being shot off beside two fireworks stands.  (We're pretty fearless in Borger!)  It was better than any city display....until someone caught a field on fire.  (At which time, we hightailed it out of there!)

Later in the week, we took the kids to the spray park in Borger.  And this little bathing beauty touched the water.

Isaac was shooting the gun.  Josiah was his "coach."  
Olivia was making a new friend.

On Saturday, we had our annual Sanders Family Reunion (with my mom, siblings, and families).  This was our first time to have it at Thompson Park with a picnic and zoo time...and then to Wonderland Park.  This is a pic of 5 cousins at the zoo.  (Photo by Lindsey)

  We had quite a spread of good food.  And a really cool crowd.

These were two little darlings in attendance.  
(Don't let their cuteness deceive you--they became the biggest daredevils at Wonderland!)

4 Amigos hanging out after dinner.

Dax's hand stamp to Wonderland.

This is how Hadassah started the evening out at Wonderland.  It lasted until the train blew it's whistle--about 5 minutes after this photo.

The six little guys between 5-9 years old jumped on this ride first.  It was so cute watching them!  They lasted about 15 minutes at the kiddie rides.

Granny and Dax took a ride on the train.  
(Daddy went to the roller coasters!  Mommy was photographing a wedding--so we sent her some cotton candy as her prize.)

Uncle Gary rode as many rides with the kiddettes as he could.
(He's the one who pointed out which were the daredevils!!)

These two little cousins met up at the end of a very long evening.  Talk about two little troopers!!  They did great.

The evening at Wonderland was a HUGE success!  It was the first time my grandkids had been there  and they were the perfect age for it!  They encouraged each other to get on the bigger and faster and wetter rides--and ran from one line to another with the necessary parents in tow.  I couldn't keep up with them to get pictures of them on the various rides!  And God blessed us with some cloud cover.  All in all, it was just pretty perfect.   What a great 4th of July week!


Lindsey said...

Let's do it again next year!

Gary said...

One of my favorite moments of the day:

At the start of the evening at Wonderland while the kids were still at the kiddie rides and were in the little boats, the older kids (like Ben and Isaac) were a little bored and ready to get to the bumper cars. They noticed, however, that the boats had names painted on the back. I loved the following exchange:

Isaac: "What's the name of my boat?"

Mom: "Miss Paula"

Isaac: "Ah, man..." (In a disappointed voice)

Uncle Gary: "No, Isaac. Mom got it wrong. Your boat is "THE TERMINATOR!"

Isaac: "YESSSSSS!!!"

Becky Dietz said...

I agree, Lindsey!
Gary, I never heard that story---that's hysterical!!