Monday, July 23, 2012


This is BIRTHDAY WEEK in the Dietz household.  Our first three children have birthdays within a week of one another.  In fact, our first two are one year and one day apart.  And then....we gained a daughter-in-law whose birthday falls on the very same day as our firstborn!  They appear as follows:

Matthew Dietz--July 26
Shanna Dietz--July 26
Amy Dietz Wright--July 27
David Dietz--August 3

We love this week!!  In fact, this is a special year (30th) for one of these people.   I just wish we could have one big birthday party together like we used to.  If you kids want to come, I'll cook.  Heck!  I'll even make a cake.  ;)  You can each invite 2 people.  Ha!  Love you guys!!

Happy Birthday, Dietz Kids!!


Lindsey said...

Can Dave invite 3 (Ryan, Addie, and me)??

Marcy Faye Hallden said...

I want to come too!

Ronnie said...

It's birthday/anniversary week in our home too!
July 25 - Joel's sister's Anniv
July 28 - Joel's B-day
July 29 - our Anniversary
July 30 - My sister's B-day
July 31 - Malachi's B-day

Happy Birthday week Dietz gang!!!

Becky Dietz said...

I KNEW this was going to happen!! My kids can never keep their parties small.
Sure. Dave can bring his family.
Marcy bring yours.

amy wright said...

Don't tempt me!!! :)

Becky Dietz said...

Amy, I'm tempting you.