Sunday, May 29, 2011

Olivia's Dresses

I asked my mom to make my younger granddaughters a tent dress like I wore in the 60's.  I loved my tent dress!!  Mom found a pattern on Ebay of the very dress I wore.  Olivia is wearing two of the dresses I brought with me on this trip.  Ember Sherman made some adorable hair clips to match Livie's dresses.  I believe she sells them---and every girl should have a couple of these!!

This is the fabric I chose for Olivia.  I knew she'd like the bright colors (it has pink, after all!) and the butterflies and lady bugs.'s her favorite.

This is the fabric I chose for her mother.  I knew Amy would appreciate the colors.  Olivia  calls it her "fruit dress" and she wore it to church this morning.  I wish you could see this hair clip up-close and has net in it and is so cute!

This is Andy, the Dog.  Last night, when the kids were in bed and the lights were out, he crawled under a table by the love seat and began moaning!  Amy had warned me that she wasn't sure what he'd do with  them gone---he usually sleeps on their bed.  I coaxed him out from under the table, but he just wandered around yelping and moaning...until he found my bed.  We've become pals.  It's only fitting...Andy.


amy wright said...

Did you get my text saying that Andy was most likely moaning because a ball was under the love seat? :)
You are a good Gee! I can't wait to see my kids tomorrow night.

Tammy said...

Becky enjoy your time there! our dog does the same thing when her ball gets under the furniture. AND we've noticed she pushes the ball under the furniture with her nose before she starts barking and wanting it to be retreived by her "parents". she's trained us pretty well. hahahaha

Marcy Faye Hallden said...

Those dresses are adorable. Your mom could open her own Etsy store!