Saturday, May 28, 2011


I had the strangest day yesterday!  I thought I was leaving for Florida at 6:30 a.m.  Found out it wasn't until 1:30 p.m.!  So I took my time getting to the Amarillo airport.  Not being able to find a parking space in the covered parking should have been my first clue---everyone was flying for the long weekend.  (I had to park on the 3rd level.  I only tell you this so I can remind myself where to find my car when I get back.)  
As I got to security, a young woman with a baby was in front of me.  Her husband called to her and spoke in a different language.  I think it was French.  I was immediately drawn to her because (a) she appeared to be from Africa and spoke French and reminded me of our adopted daughter, Amanda, (b) she was traveling alone with a baby (c) she just looked lost.  Later, she went to the desk and the young woman at the desk was very kind but explaining the last flight had left for the day.  I went to see if I could help.  I asked the attendant if there was any way they could put her on another airline.  There wasn't.  Apparently, she'd been on another flight the day before and had not come in time and missed it.  The next flight out with an available seat was Sunday.  I kept trying to help her---call her husband, etc.  
A loud commotion began to happen and everyone began moving towards the noise.  A man was yelling and then it sounded like he'd been tasered.  He was cursing loudly!  His momma would not have been proud.  I had to peek myself---couldn't stand not seeing what was going on.  From another observer, I found out the man had been coming to get on our flight and an officer was walking with him.  I guess he'd caused some kind of ruckus at the gate and was followed.  I'm not sure if he was tasered, but it took 3 officers to get him on the ground and handcuffed.  Craziness!
I was so hopeful that because that man didn't get on the flight that my African friend would.  But it didn't happen.
We flew through a storm once we got into Florida, but landed without event.  Amy & the 3 kids met me at the curb and we drove to their home!

Isaac & Josiah modeling their shirts.  They like to pretend they are in the A Road Less Traveled band.  (Their uncle is lead singer).  Josiah is Kuhrt (drummer) and Isaac is Mumzie (Uncle Zach).

Olivia is modeling the new dress Granny made her.  It's hard to see the new hair clip Ember made her.  But it's cute!!

I intend to enjoy every minute I'm here.  Mom & Dad are on a trip of their own this weekend.  Now...if only I can find the football field for Ike's game!

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amy wright said...

I already miss those loud, crazy, beautiful kids.