Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday's Confusion

There's been one thing on my mind all day today.  Saturday's confusion.  Can you imagine the disciples that Saturday after Jesus was killed?  I think they must have been in shock.  Stunned might be a better word. 

"What just happened?  I thought  Jesus came to save us---the Promised Messiah!" 

But he's dead.  Really dead.

Do you think any of them remembered that Jesus had said he'd rise again on the 3rd day?  My guess is that they didn't--even though his enemies remembered--which is why they decided to guard the tomb.  I know how I am when I'm in a panicked mind-set.  I can't remember anything.  I just kind of stand around stunned.  If they did remember, did they believe it now?

And I think they were overwhelmingly sad.  Jesus wasn't just the Messiah to them.  He was their friend, their leader.  And he was gone.

I think it was the worst Saturday of their lives.  And they were very, very confused.

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Rachel said...

On saturday I woke up thinking of Mary. I wonder if she remembered Jesus would rise. I kept thinking about the anger she felt when looking around at all the people He died for. Looking at them in their stupidity knowing her son was sacrificed for us and how undeserving they/we are. My heart was breaking for her and for God. And all this from looking in the mirror getting ready for work. I was grieved all day.