Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is Herman Mos--my hero.  In this photo, I'm presenting him with a plaque for serving Living Water so faithfully.  He'd known his and Billie's (his wife) health was failing and made the hard choice to move them to a retirement center.  He had no idea at the time that he'd suffer from Alzheimers soon.  Herman went to be with the Lord last week.  I LOVE this guy!!!  He was one of the original volunteers of Living Water when I came here as director.  In fact, I often told Herman that he reminded me of my dad.  He was a gentle soul who loved people...just like dad.  And he loved to have fun!

My favorite day of the week back then was Wednesday.  On Wednesdays, Herman & Gib would be here doing the work in the food room and about 9:00, they'd take a coffee break and ask me to join them.  And join them I did!  We'd sit and talk about everything.  About a month into these coffee breaks, I realized what an awesome opportunity I had to learn from a couple of guys who loved the Lord and who were older than me.  So I began picking their brains about every subject in the world.

And bottom line?  I learned to love people for who they are, where they are.  I learned to serve in humility.  (Still trying to get these down, mind you!)  I learned that the generation of these guys was concerned for the lack of respect shown God in church.

Most of all, I learned to love these guys.  They really are my heroes.  They've set such an example for me--and one I'll try to emulate.  At Herman's funeral, I was reminded once again that it's not about the grand, great things we do for God in this lifetime.  It's about loving God with all our hearts, loving others and looking like Jesus.

Thanks, Herman!  I love you.  Tell Dad hi, will you?

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