Saturday, February 4, 2017

Whose Side am I On?

Am I for protecting our borders?  Yes. Am I for helping refugees?  Yes. Am I for helping our veterans?  Yes. Am I for buying from companies which are being hit because they believe the Bible?  Yes. Am I for Israel?  Absolutely yes!  I don't see these things as mutually exclusive. I'm trying to see them through the eyes of Jesus. 

I hate the political rhetoric which is going on that is so divisive. I don't agree with everyone--obviously. I'm also not demanding you agree with me. I love lots of people with opposing views and would never stoop to trashing them or calling them names. It's called respect. 

You know...they say you can tell what a person believes by checking their bank account. I'm trying to make sure I'm giving not only to my local church but to the things I believe in. Can I tell you a story at the risk of tooting my own horn? Because that's not the reason I'm telling it. I was as surprised as anyone at this turn of events. 

I was in Amarillo recently and saw a sign for gas for $1.92/gallon. I quickly got off the interstate to fill up. Now I knew this was a Walmart I probably shouldn't go to since there had been a shooting there recently, but I thought the gas pump would be ok. As I was leaving, a Muslim woman was standing there with her baby with a sign asking for help. I didn't think--my eyes looked into hers and I stopped. I don't usually have cash, but I knew I did this day. I'd just arranged my money in my wallet while I waited for my car to fill up!  I motioned for her to come to the car (I couldn't get to her) and I reached for my purse and gave her everything I had. It wasn't much. She began thanking me profusely as I told her Jesus loved her. 

As I drove away, I felt the pleasure of God. Honestly, I wasn't thinking about anything. I saw a mother who needed help. And I knew in my heart that it's just about helping each person God puts in MY path--a refugee, a veteran, a company under attack, or Israel. I hope my heart grows more and more compassionate--and that I always have cash in my wallet!

So instead of debating, I'm encouraging you to just look for an opportunity--there's plenty to go around!!!

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