Tuesday, February 7, 2017



I'm starting a project on February 14th. It's called #godslove365. I intend to take a photo a day which demotes God's love to me. It can be ANYTHING!  A spectacular sunrise, or...

My church's praise team worshiping, or...


My husband and a former coach (Jeep Webb)--who demonstrated the love of God!), or...



What I hope this will do is keep me focused on God's love--and the many different ways my day is filled with it. I want to be more proactive  in looking for and acknowledging His love.  

Join me!!!  This isn't about being a great photographer--it's about becoming more aware of God's love. But what better way to improve your photography skills than taking a photo a day!  You can keep it simple with your phone camera or you can dust off that expensive camera you own and get creative with PhotoShop!  This isn't meant to be legalistic or become burdensome. If you want to join the project and just do it occasionally, that's OK, too!  The main point is to be LOOKING for the love of God every day. And use the hashtag #godslove365 each time so we can see God's love in your world. 


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