Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What Does Love Look Like?


Does true love make your heart go pitter patter all day long?  Is it poetic words every evening?  Is it a feeling?  God commanded us to love one another. So I'm pretty sure He wasn't commanding us to have a feeling--because some of us are feelers and some are not. In my opinion, this is what love looks like...

❤ Going to work every morning--whether you feel like it or not. 
❤ Washing one load of laundry after another. 
❤ Taking your family on a vacation. 
❤ Mowing the yard all summer long. Shoveling snow all winter long. 
❤ Getting up with the babies at night.
❤ Cooking dinner for your family--even when you've run out of new ideas. 
❤ Suggesting we order pizza. 
❤ Laughing hysterically together. 
❤ Taking care of sick children. 
❤ Going to Taco Bell at midnight for your pregnant wife. 
❤ Being quiet when you're irritated. 
❤ Challenging your spouse to "go for it!"
❤ Cleaning house.
❤ Watching TV together. 
❤ Praying. 
❤ Preparing meals for a month and freezing them. 
❤ Defending each other
❤ Throwing dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket. 
❤ Appreciating small gestures. 
❤ Hiring a babysitter. 
❤ A cup of coffee just the way you like it. 
❤ Closing cabinet doors. 
❤ Sharing the last few dollars in your wallet for what the other wants. 
❤ Taking care of the kids so your spouse can spend the evening with friends. 
❤ Using coupons at the grocery store to save money. 
❤ Words of encouragement. 
❤ Not being a backseat driver. 
❤ Asking forgiveness. 
❤ Keeping your house at the temperature your spouse likes. 
❤ Going to the movies together. 
❤ Ironing. 
❤ Holding hands. 

These are just a few ways love has been expressed in our home. It's all the little things. The fairy tales would have us believe it's being swept off our feet, a beautiful damsel, a knight in shining armor, and happily ever after. But it's better than that. It's pajamas at 6 PM and eating leftovers. It's a knowing look you share or speaking in code that makes your spouse break out in hysterical laughter! It's teaching your children shared values and emphasizing them over and over. It's rising up like a lion when the other has been attacked. It's the little things. It may be big things. It's the every day--not just the special days.

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