Friday, February 10, 2017


We moms might joke about renting out our kids when we're overwhelmed or fed up...but losing our kids is actually one of our greatest fears!  When we hear of a kidnapping, child trafficking, or lost child we tend to hug our kids a little tighter. It's also the reason we so quickly share the posts of a lost child on Facebook--we can't imagine the heartache those parents are walking through. And then we warn our kids all over again that there are bad people out there and that they need to know what to do if they're ever afraid or in a bad situation. 

God said over and over, "Be Holy as I am holy."  He wasn't telling us to be perfect. He was telling us to keep ourselves set apart from the world--the bad, mean world that can kidnap our hearts. In reality, He was saying, "Stay close to Me!!  Don't stray away from My side where I can watch you and take care of you. You belong to me."  He was acting like any good parent wanting to protect His kids!  He knows there are evil things in this world which will corrupt us, damage us, hurt us, and take us places we don't really want to go!  His admonition is meant to protect us--not burden us down with unrealistic expectations. 

Be holy. Be set apart from the world. Stay close to God's side--for your own welfare, safety & protection.

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