Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ryan Elijah

Ryan Elijah turns 12-years-old today!

It seems like only yesterday he was this little.  Ryan is grandchild #4 for us.

I think it's awesome he's living in Minnesota now where there's lots of snow!  He's always loved it.

Ryan has always loved playing outside.  He's an adventurer!

He also loves his little sister.  They're best friends.  This was when they were in children's choir in Borger singing "This Little Light of Mine"

This was a fun Thanksgiving when he and his boy cousins all got toy guns.  We didn't see them the rest of the day!

He's almost as excited over his sister's birthday as his own!

You can usually find him in the kitchen at some point.  He doesn't mind cooking or cleaning.

And at 12-years-old...he really likes to eat!

This boy LOVES to read!

I can't believe he's 12!  He's starting to look like a man.

The things I love about Ryan:

He has a big heart
He's kind
He loves to engage other kids to play and is inclusive
He's inquisitive
He's adventurous
He's helpful
He loves to learn and figure things out
He's a Lego genius
He's always excited to see me
He's funny and has a great laugh
He's like his dad and memorizes the lines of a movie
He loves his cousins of all ages

I love you,

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