Sunday, February 28, 2016

Comfort vs. Adventure

  1. causing or feeling slight pain or physical discomfort.
    "athlete's foot is a painful and uncomfortable condition"
    synonyms:painfuldisagreeableintolerableunbearable, confining, cramped
    "an uncomfortable chair"

I was talking with some friends tonight about getting out of our comfort zones--and how uncomfortable that makes us feel.  I readily admitted how comfortable I'd gotten living in Borger for 26 years.  I'd made wonderful friends and was very comfortable with them.  Looking back, I wonder how many opportunities I missed out on or how many people felt snubbed by me?  All because I was comfortable and it was awkward to invite someone into my very comfortable life.

God didn't call me to be comfortable.  He told me to "go and tell" and to love my neighbors.  He didn't call me to a comfortable, traditional, or even rote church service.  God never wanted me in a box.  I believe He has always wanted me to expect the unexpected.  I believe He wants to work in our lives in a peculiarly unique way.  Think of all the great men and women of faith in the Bible.  We love their stories because of how extraordinary they are--David killing Goliath, the walls of Jericho falling because of trumpet blasts, Moses crossing the Red Sea, Deborah leading an army to battle, Peter's chains falling off and prison doors opening for him, Jesus healing a blind man with spit.  The lists goes on and on.  And I wouldn't describe any of those people as "comfortable." 

I'm tired of being comfortable.  I want an adventure!  Moving to Groom was that for me.  It's been exciting making new friends...and finding people who are passionate about the things of God!  Today, Andy led the church in an "out-of-the-box-church-service" experience and I loved it!  I think that even excites God--to see a people willing to obey and follow the Spirit wherever He leads.  

I believe "comfortable" describes the church in America today.  When we're unwilling to change, unwilling to grow, unwilling to do new things, unwilling to allow new people in...we're saying we're perfectly satisfied just the way we are.  There's no adventure...and no life.  And doors close.

Ask God for an adventure!!  I bet you'll get one.


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Tammy said...

We were discussing some of the same stuff yesterday after church. One of the words we all hear is "cliques". I think groups know as "cliques" are people who enjoy being around each other and have probably become friends over a period of time. But to visitors or new people coming in, it appears as unwelcoming, not being included....... Sometimes it is the "wall" that people see or use to not come back. Do any of us want to feel unwelcome? You are so right, it does say "we're perfectly satisfied just the way we are". I want everyone to feel like they are welcomed with open arms if it's their first time or they've been going to that church for fifty years. I too want an adventure Becky, and I say that hesitantly. hahahahaha

Sandra said...

Discomfort = growth. Thanks for forcing me into that. ;)

Sandra said...
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