Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dax Chandler

Dax Chandler turns 5-years-old today!!

Dax is grandchild #8 for us.  His birth was unforgettable and he quickly secured his special place in our hearts.

Even as a little guy, Dax loved adventure and people.  He's visiting his special neighbors in this picture.

He also has a big imagination.  We'd just watched "Horton Hears a Who" and he was listening for Who on this flower.

He's a little warrior.  He's in training right now and his little brother is a good sparring partner.

He also has a very gentle side.  He's a wonderful big brother. 

He's also his daddy's little clone.  

Dax has been known to misbehave.  (I've never personally seen this.)  But his mom made him send a video apology to his babysitter, Payton.  I think I've watched this a hundred times and laughed every time.  He's saying, "Sorry, Payton."  (His mom couldn't hold her laughter back either...and I also told her he'd have that eye roll perfected before she knew it!)

The things I love about Dax:
He has an infectious laugh
He's a redhead
He loves adventures outside
He loves to help
He's kind 
The way he studies his choices before he makes them
How much he loves his family
He's courageous
He's such a good bedtime guy
He hates the bad guy in any movie
He hates seeing someone hurt
He prays sweet prayers


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