Monday, February 15, 2016

I think we make it harder than it really is.  Our world needs Jesus.  And He's chosen us to express His love.  We think we can't...or don't know how.  We don't know what to do or what to say.  We're uncomfortable.  We think we don't have enough money to share or skills to offer.  We're afraid we're overstepping boundaries others may have created.  We think we may not be wanted.

And you may not know how or you may be uncomfortable.  But if you step out one time, it will be easier the next time.  You may not know what to say, but your presence or a hug may be all that's needed.  And you may not have all the money your heart wants to share, but I bet you have enough to share a meal with someone.  And it's really not about what you can do--it's about allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you.

This week, send a card with a warm message and a gift card to a coffee shop to someone who may be depressed, take a meal to a working mom, take a small stack of $1 bills or a restaurant gift card to someone staying with a family member in the hospital, listen to someone who lives alone and never has anyone to talk to, babysit for a single mom or take her car for an oil change, hug a widow or take her a single-sized home-cooked meal, throw a birthday party for a friend, sit and cry with someone who is grieving, call an old friend, help a neighbor with a chore.  You can do this!!

Just the name of Jesus.

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