Friday, June 19, 2015

When No One's Looking

What kind of work do you do when no one's looking?  Do you try to get by with as little as possible?  Or do you take some of the little things home with you, hidden in your pocket?  Do you push your job off on other people?  Do you clock out a little early?

We had a man who lost his job and our church, at the time, offered him the job as janitor of the church.  He accepted.  Jay worked at lightening speed with a cheerful attitude.  He never cut a corner.  Not only did he clean things well, he began making sure things which hadn't been looked at in a while were maintained.  He put up well-made signs asking people to turn the lights off when they left the room to save the church money.  He manicured the lawn and detailed the vans.  He was always available to anyone who needed his help.  He cleaned out closets no one had looked in for years.  You could run a gloved hand over the place and not find a speck of dust.  I've never seen a janitor do as good a job as he did his.  He was a work horse and a cheetah all rolled into one....he worked hard and fast!

You see...Jay wasn't just working hard because he was grateful for a job.  He was serving God, not man.  And you could see the greatness in him.  He wasn't meant to always be a janitor, although there's nothing wrong with that profession, which Jay well-proved!  Because Jay gave it his all, he was destined for promotion.  And it came.

I've never forgotten about the job Jay did with such excellence!   I've used him as an example many, many times because he was an example.  He proved every job is worth doing well and to give it your all.  He didn't care if anyone was looking or not...he gave his very best to God.

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