Saturday, June 13, 2015


I busted out the big bucks and took these 4 grandkids to the $1.50 movie theater in Dallas.  We saw Cinderella.  The boys could only be appeased by me telling them they could pick the next Netflix movie.  I'm sure it will be some male-worthy, bust-'em-up movie.  The girls, on the other hand, came home and donned their Cinderella apparel, including the glass slippers.  And they danced.

Because I've been studying the Kingdom of God, I was struck by spiritual applications in this movie.  Here are just a few....

  1. The King and Prince were about to be separated by death and the father was encouraging his son to find an appropriate wife.  The Prince had already met a "commoner" and wouldn't agree to marrying someone of position...he wanted to marry for love.  
  2. "Ella" (the name she had prior to working near the cinders) had been a princess to her father and mother.  She was well-loved.
  3. The evil stepmother filled Cinderella's mind with lies and thoughts of worthlessness.  She tried to "put Cinderella in her place" by forcing her to do the work of a slave or servant and filling her mind with her insignificance and wretchedness.
  4. The fairy godmother helped Cinderella.  She dressed her in a beautiful garment and glass slippers which would only fit her feet.  She was dressed like royalty.
  5. The Prince came searching for Cinderella.  He chose her.  He wanted her for his bride.
  6. Not only would Cinderella's beauty and transformation woo her Prince, but she would become beneficial to the kingdom.
I'm thinking the Grimm brothers had a handle on the kingdom!

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