Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Piece of the Puzzle

Andy & I were talking about different beliefs among Christians.  It's so easy to point at someone else and say, "That's not truth!"  And we hold our beliefs a little tighter.  As we were talking, I had a picture come into my mind.  I pictured each of us holding a puzzle piece in our hands and looking at someone across the way who has a different puzzle piece in their hands and telling them, "You're wrong!  Your puzzle piece doesn't look like mine!"  The problem with that is....we only have a piece of the puzzle.  And if every puzzle piece looked the same, it wouldn't even fit together to create anything.  It takes each of our pieces to create the whole picture.

The completed puzzle is the truth of God.  None of us holds all truth.  None.  I don't know about you, but I don't even believe the same way me, myself & I did five years ago!!  God keeps revealing new things to me.  So how can I expect someone else across the way to be holding up the same puzzle piece I possess?  I keep finding new pieces and trying them to see if they fit.  God is the picture by which we know what we're creating.  We have to hold the puzzle piece up against Him to know if it fits.  

How much better and how much more fun it would be if we worked together, adding a piece we're holding to a piece someone else is holding, and watching it fit together!  It's so exciting and there's such a sense of satisfaction when many hands make a puzzle fit together.

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