Sunday, April 5, 2015


I've been overwhelmed this Easter season.  I've concentrated on what Jesus did during the week leading up to the cross and resurrection.  We have no clue, really.

Recently, I heard the testimony of a Muslim woman whom Jesus came to in her dreams...and she was saved.  Saved from eternal death, but facing a certain death at the hands of her family.  Her father asked her, "Are you going to try to convert your family?"  (His intentions were to kill her if she said yes.)  And she replied, "Not just my family, but the world!"  Wow.  That I would have that kind of bravery facing a sure death!  She was in a church when it was bombed and she actually died.  In telling of her experience of going to heaven, her emotions were as raw and real as if it had happened yesterday.  She told about seeing Jesus and being enveloped in His love.  She could hardly talk and could barely describe it.  She said people have asked her if she saw other things in heaven and her reply was, "Yes...but they didn't matter.  All that mattered was Jesus."

I want to live my life in the awareness of Jesus and all He's done for me.  I want to sacrifice my desires because of His great sacrifice for me.  I've been full of emotions this week.  I'm overwhelmed with Jesus' love for me.  I'm overwhelmed with my love for my family.  And I want to be filled with love for the world.  I think I love them, but if I were facing certain death like this Muslim woman, would I say, "Not just my family, but the world?"

Jesus already holds the keys to heaven and earth. He's victorious!!  He's defeated our enemy!  The only power Satan holds is that which we give him.  I want to take possession.  Jesus came to set the captives free--and I want to help in that assignment.

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