Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April 10-13 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Andy & I were going to be in Arkansas April 13-17, so we decided to spend a couple of days in Tulsa with Zach & Shanna on our way to Arkansas.  After they found out we were coming, they scheduled Zach's ordination for the same time so we'd be able to be there for it.  We were so blessed!!  It was so special.  These photos are of our stay, seeing family and friends, and Zach's ordination.  I'm so glad we got to be there for such a special event in his life.

Getting to Tulsa and seeing their new house.

Shanna & the boys.

Dax & Gus' first time to see Pot & Uncle Pot (identical twins) together. They didn't have a bit of trouble telling them apart!

Uncle Pot, Dax, Gus & Pot

Ryan & Zach--cousins

Dax playing golf with the new golf ball Bro. Harry gave him.

Dax & Pot

Gus riding his bike.

Dax riding his bike.

Zach & a sleeping Gus.

Bath time!

Zach, Gus, Dax & Shanna
Ordination Night

Worship team

Zach giving his testimony

Andy talking about Zach.

Pastor Michael Gabbert giving Zach a charge.

Uncle Phil praying over Zach & Shanna.

Andy praying over Zach & Shanna.

Jerry Hamlin praying over Zach & Shanna.

Harry Laden praying over Zach & Shanna.

Pastor Michael Gabbert praying over Zach & Shanna.

Ordination Reception

Jerry, Zach, Shanna, Freda

Andy & Becky, Zach & Shanna, Harry & Lynette, Phil & Lisa

Dax & Gee

Dax, Pot, Gee, & Gus

Monday morning---Goodbye!

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