Thursday, August 7, 2014

Whee, Daddy!

Zach & Gus

We just returned from a Dietz family reunion with Andy's mom, siblings, kids, and grandkids.  There were 43 of us who met in Davis, OK out of the 50 family members.  Andy's nephew, Jason, and his family were in the states from Germany where they serve as missionaries and the reunion was mainly to see them....and because we hadn't all been together in seven years.  We had a blast!

While we were there, I heard Gus ask his daddy over and over, "Whee, Daddy!"  What he was asking was for his daddy to swing him around as in the photo above.  It's a thrill to go WHEE!  Not only is it a thrill, but it's just fun to do it with daddy.

This very thought has been in my head for some time.  And I got to see it played out with my son and grandson.  I've been telling God I just want to have some fun with Him!  "Whee, Daddy!"  Don't you think He delights when we ask?

This morning, my friend, Ronnie Arrington, posted this verse on her Facebook page.  I think it applies...

"And the disciples were filled with joy 
and with the Holy Spirit." 
Acts 13:52

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