Monday, August 25, 2014

The First Day of School

Becky & Evelyn

When we moved to Borger, one of our first acts as youth minister was to attend a high school football game.  At that game, two young women my age walked down the bleachers and introduced themselves to me--Evelyn Coffman & Clesta Collins. They were so much fun and I knew that night I'd found some new friends (which proved to be true)!  

Evelyn had three beautiful little girls whom she kept in ringlets and ruffles.  Little stairsteps--Lindsay, Lynee' & Lynna.  (It took me forever to figure out which was which.) When we moved to Borger, David & Lynee' were starting kindergarten.  That was pretty traumatic.  David didn't want to go to school.  In fact, he came home the first day disgusted.  He said, "I still don't know how to read!"  Things rocked along that year, but it would be two more years until our babies--Zach & Lynna--started kindergarten.

I know it's overwhelming for most moms when their youngest goes to their first day of school.  It's so final.  It's a last.  But I found out I'm just not like most moms.  (And neither was Evelyn!)  I walked my baby, Zach (the youngest of 4), into his classroom and made sure he was happy before I left--assuring him he was going to have so much FUN!!!  And as I was leaving the building, there was Evelyn.  I looked at her...she looked at me.  And we laughed.  As we exited the building, I pumped my hands in the air and yelled, "Y-E-S!"  Freedom!!  So I asked, "Wanna go to Lorene's for lunch?"  (Just because we could!)  And she replied, "Sure!  Let's ask our husbands if they want to go."  

And that began a 13-year tradition of eating lunch together the first day of school...celebrating our new freedom each year!

May you enjoy some FREEDOM!

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