Monday, August 11, 2014

A Need Bigger Than Our Church

Body of Christ,
You have many opportunities out there to help others but I want to make you aware of a huge need in our church--a need bigger than our church!  Faye Ybarra was diagnosed with ITP & MDS--two blood disorders working against one another in her body.  Then she developed leukemia.  She is in survival mode until she can have a bone marrow transplant--and she can't have that until she's stabilized.

Her husband, John, is a diesel mechanic and a doggone hard worker, but he's had to take off a lot of work to take her to Dallas to a doctor and to be with her during her 4 hospital stays.  There have been times when it has been day-to-day living for Faye.  Not only are they having to make a house payment and pay utilities, but now they're faced with huge pharmacy bills and a gasoline bill that is out of sight--not to mention medical bills which are rolling in.

Please pray about helping.  Consider sending money..or a gas card.  Even $20 would help--no amount is too small!  Because they're having to eat out so much, you could send a gift card from these restaurants in Amarillo: The Plaza, Cracker Barrel, Leal's, Red Robin, McAlister's, Hoffbrau, 575 Pizzeria, or Jason's Deli.  You could also send a United Supermarket gift card, a Visa gift card with cash on it or a cashier's check made out to John Ybarra.  You can send it to me and I will get it to them.  Send it to:  P.O. Box 584, Groom, TX 79039.

I know if you live in Groom, you've probably already helped.  But please consider a sacrificial gift!  A frozen casserole, some great frozen foods from Sams (keep in mind Faye is diabetic), lunch meat, steaks to grill, a ride to Amarillo (especially on the weekend so John can catch up on some much-needed rest!), some money.  You could mow their lawn.  It's all needed.

Before Faye got sick, you'd hear her playing the piano at First Baptist Church many Sundays.

In May, Faye was diagnosed with ITP and MDS--two blood disorders which were working against one another in her body.  By July, she'd also developed leukemia.  

Faye has to go to Amarillo EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK for platelets and chemo--sometimes they throw in a blood transfusion.

She's never quit smiling.  EVER.

This is a photo of Faye in April--before she became ill.

Faye was able to attend her son's (Vidal) prom, but not his graduation.  (John in the back.)  We Skyped his graduation so she could see him walk across the stage and receive his diploma and scholarship.

Faye has never stopped praising God!  

If she feels well enough each Sunday (or if she isn't at the hospital getting platelets & chemo), she still sings on our praise team (see her on the back row on the right).  She said she just wants to praise God as much as she can.  
She is an inspiration to those around her.

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