Saturday, May 17, 2014

Galaxy by Matt Dietz

If you haven't downloaded Matt's album yet, I hope you will.  You can go here and get it at iTunes.  Or you can go to Amazon or Google Play and find it.

Of course, as Matt's mom, I'm proud.  Matt has always been a gifted song writer (he wrote each of these songs) and I've blogged about that before here and here.  But it's so much more than that.  I'd like to tell you what this album means to me.  My son is back...and he's walking with God like never before.  This album has REDEMPTION written all over it.  It's a story of a son who ran from God at full-speed but came back.  It's the story of a mom who needed to learn about grace and incorporate it in her life.  It's the story of a family restored who came in unity and brought it to the table for this album.  This album is all that and more.  It's full of worship, praise, love, longing and profound thought.

I'm asking God to put it in the hands of parents who need hope with their prodigals (and maybe need to learn about grace), in the hands of the prodigals themselves, in the hands of families needing forgiveness and restoration, and in the hands of those who have come out of the pit and need to be washed in grace.

This album is about love, grace, mercy and hope.  And it's so needed right now.  I encourage you to download it for you--hear what God wants to speak to your heart.  Parents, please download this album on your kids' phones so they listen to it over and over.  I'm asking God to anoint it to encourage kids spiritually.  Your kids live in a drought-filled world and need the message of Let It Rain. They need to know God's love is a Galaxy.  We all do.'s just good music.

Thanks to all who have purchased it.  Please pray God uses it for His glory!

My mother-heart is full.

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