Friday, January 6, 2017

This temple...


I've been reading about God giving Moses the building plans for the first temple--the place where God met man and offered forgiveness and relationship. The people were fearful of God's presence and asked Moses to just tell them what God told him. They didn't like the experience--but they respected and were awestruck by the manifestation of God's presence. Moses was transformed by meeting with God and hearing Him--and it showed!  The temple was God's solution to show Moses (and the people) that His presence would go with them everywhere. 

Since all of this is a picture for us, I began examining my attitude toward myself--the new temple of God. He is ever-present in me. I carry the presence of God. Do I respect the temple God has given me (my body)?  Am I awe-struck with His presence?  Do I fear Him--in a good way  by meeting with him--or an unhealthy way by letting someone else just tell me what He says?  Does it show that I meet with God?  

Receiving God's forgiveness started a life-long process of relationship with God and spiritual growth. The respect for this temple has been a process.  But God put as much thought and design into my body (and yours!) as He did with the first temple filled with gold and intricate details. Let's celebrate--and honor all He has done!  Be awestruck!  After all...your temple is HOLY!

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