Sunday, January 8, 2017

Noah's Ark


Years ago, Andy & I were celebrating our anniversary in Red River and I saw this primitive Noah's Ark in the Christmas Store and fell in love with it. That was in September. 

It was the year I was learning to hear God's voice.  By November, God told me HE wanted to give me a birthday gift. (My birthday is December 16). I began to get excited!!  I'd never gotten a personal gift from God. Oh sure!!  I know He gives me everything--but this was much more personal. God told me He wanted to give me a birthday gift. Andy had never been a great gift-giver up to that point--in fact it's my brothers' favorite thing to rib him about one Christmas when he was out shopping for me at 6 PM on Christmas Eve--at Albertsons.  And I LOVE gifts!!  Little did I know that not only did God want to give me a gift, but he wanted to heal me of my expectations. 

On the day of my birthday, Andy told me not to cook--both of our parents were coming to celebrate. All day, I waited expectantly to see what GOD was going to give me!!  After Andy got off work, he walked in with a cake and dainty plates and napkins. I was shocked--he'd never done that before!  And we had a party!

When it came time to open my gifts, I honestly had no expectations. At the time, Andy's parents owned a Christian bookstore and two of the gifts were wrapped in their signature paper--so I thought I knew what was sure to be in them. Andy's was the last gift I opened--and it was this Noah's Ark I'd seen months before!!  As I opened it, God whispered to me, "Happy Birthday, Becky!"  I teared up. Not only had Andy gone to great pains to call the Christmas Store in Red River to order the gift and have it shipped, God had used him to give to me. That was a transformative year. God healed me of expectations, proved I was hearing His voice, and turned Andy into a great gift-giver!

I love my Noah's Ark and all that it represents.

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