Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Thirty-eight years ago today, this guy was born.  His story involved a few miracles.  We were living close to poverty level at the time and about a month before he was born, I'd gone to a doctor's appointment and was told I needed to go by the hospital.  Andy was out of town, and I assumed they just wanted me to pre-register, so I went alone.  The hospital director met with me personally and told me I had to have full payment to the hospital before Matt was born because we had no insurance. I began crying, but looked him in the eye and told him, "God will provide.  I'll bring you your money."  And then I went home and cried again.  What had I done?  I had no clue if God would really come through--but I began asking.  I cried again when I told Andy about it.  About a week later, some sweet friends from Pampa showed up at our door and gave us a check.  They'd given themselves a bonus from their company and felt led to give it to us.  It was exactly what we needed to go pay the hospital--to the penny!  I was overcome with love from my friends--but especially from God.  It was amazing to see Him work!
When I went into labor, I felt the need to go to the fabric store to get fabric for kitchen curtains. (I have no clue!)  Andy's mom had promised to make them if I got the fabric--and I wanted curtains!  And then Andy wanted to take our van into the shop, so I followed him in my car--knowing I could deliver any minute.  When we got to the hospital, I was reprimanded by the nurse!  (I was so naive--it was my first baby!)  And then Matt was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.  I could have killed him with everything I'd done.  But God protected him.
Here are some things I love about Matt...

  • Matt's passionate.  Whatever he's focused on, he's passionate about.  It could be his girls, building, music, politics, friends, or food.  But whatever it is, he pursues with all of his heart.
  • Matt loves to laugh!  He may poke at his nieces or nephews or his siblings just to try and make them laugh.  Matt even laughs at himself for following in his uncle's footsteps.  Whenever he's late to a family gathering, he'll call to let everyone know to go ahead without him.  It's a reference to his Uncle Bob and how Bob was always late and held us up from opening Christmas gifts--which was quite irksome to his nieces and nephews.  
  • Matt's a forward thinker.  He doesn't get bogged down in the past.  He's always moving forward and helping others do the same.
  • Matt writes beautiful songs.  He's a deep thinker--and it shows in his songs.
  • Matt loves God.  He's not afraid to let others know how much he loves God!  He's pretty passionate about Him, too.  He's also quick to listen to God.
  • Matt is a warrior.  He's not afraid to challenge the thinking of others.  He's also been known to stir things up--he learned this well at the extended Dietz family table.  ;)
  • Matt loves his girls.  He's a good father--being persistent in their lives.  I know he loves them deeply.
  • Matt is a great designer.  He sees things and knows quickly how to put things together--whether that's with a building plan for a house, an album cover, or a person's life.  He sees how it should be and can make it happen or speak into it.
  • Matt is prophetic.  God has developed this gift in Matt and he's not afraid to use it.  In fact, he's used it with total strangers and it's been life-transforming.
  • Matt has a heart for prayer and helps lead prayer at his church.  He's passionate to see the bride of Christ press in to God.
  • Matt loves to travel.  If time and money were no object, he'd be going to lots of new places.
  • Matt loves investing in the lives of others.  He sees to it that his nieces and nephews are encouraged in their giftings.  He invests time with other men in his life.  He spends time with his girls and their friends.  He loves to see people find their purpose and then breathe life into that purpose--even mine.

Matt's name means "gift from God."  He was...and is...a gift.  And not just to me and Andy--he's a gift from God to the world.  Matt's a gifted musician and song writer.  His music was meant for the kingdom of God!  The combination of his names means Gift of God--full of strength and bravery--who is meant to help and defend mankind--and rule in the kingdom of God.
I love watching the process...

I love you,

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