Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Happy Birthday, Addie Belle!

Addilyn Belle (or Addie Belle, as we affectionately call her) turns 11-years-old today!  Addilyn means noble and kind.  Belle means beautiful.  Addie is all of these things--she has one of the purest hearts I know.  She isn't afraid to meet new friends and treats them with extreme kindness.  I remember overhearing a conversation she had with a new friend and that new friend confided that she was bullied at school because she was overweight.  Addie (who is homeschooled) was appalled that anyone would treat her new friend that way.  She immediately began telling her friend how unfair that was and that she thought her friend was very pretty.  That's Addie.  She runs towards what is right.  She has a beautiful heart and treats others with extreme kindness.

This year, Addie joined a color guard team and was recently in a parade.

Addie often joins her mom at the Farmer's Market where they sell their produce.  She took her own money to buy her own carrots this day.  This girl loves her vegetables!

Addie isn't afraid to be her own person.  I love her confidence!

She obviously isn't afraid of worms either.

Another beautiful example of Addie's style.

She's a hard worker.  She comes up with her own recipes in the kitchen.  Her brother is her sous chef.  He doesn't mind letting her take the lead as long as he gets to eat the results.

She was creating her own popsicles here.

She doesn't just cook...she's also a food photographer.  She's been featured on her mother's blog.

This girls loves to read.  If she's quiet and you can't find her...you can be sure she's with a book.

She's learning to play the piano and is becoming quite proficient!  She had a recital this spring.

And because she moved to Minnesota, she's gotten to try some new and amazing things!

She's also Daddy's little girl.  They recently went to a Father/Daughter dance toghether.

Addie's names taken together mean noble, kind, beautiful, light-giving, humble dwelling, ruler of the people.  She is all of those things--and is growing into a noble, kind, ruler.  She will be the best kind of ruler--a benevolent ruler who dwells among the people.  Addie, you delight me!  Your inquisitive nature, zest for life, bubbly laughter, sharp mind, and adventurous spirit amaze me.  You aren't afraid to try new things.  You never see a "flop" as a failure, but rather a learning experience.  You aren't defined by what others think--you wear your unicorn pajamas with pride.  I love your confidence but especially your kindness toward others.  I love you, Miss 11-year-old!  You're too sweet for words!

I love you!

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