Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy Birthday, Amy!

Today is Amy's birthday! I remember several things about her birth.  The night before she was born, we'd celebrated her big brother's first birthday.  I was pretty worn out after the family party.  Andy and his twin brother were supposed to leave the next day to go sing at a Christian Artists Contest in Estes Park, Colorado.  I went to bed that night pretty emotional...tired and emotional.  I just remember crying out to God as I lay there--believing this baby was going to come while Andy was out of town for several days.  (We didn't have sonograms back then--so we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl!)  I said, "God, you know when this baby is going to be born.  If it's going to come while Andy's gone, would you just let it come tonight while he's here?"  I woke Andy up at 4:00 AM with labor pains.  We waited a bit until the pains were coming pretty close together and then called Phil and asked him to come watch Matt while we went to the hospital.  Amy made her beautiful appearance that afternoon.  (And the guys never made it to Estes Park.)

One of my favorite memories of Amy was when she was about 10-years-old.  I don't remember what she'd done (probably fighting with one of her three brothers), but I'd gone to get the paddle and brought it into the living room and told her to bend over for a spanking.  She was sitting on the couch and began crying and screaming, "JESUS LOVES YOU!!  JESUS LOVES YOU!!"  I began laughing my head off and replied, "He loves you, too---now bend over!!"  There was never a dull moment in our home when Amy was growing up.  What fun memories!!
Let me tell you about Amy...

  • Amy loves lavishly.  She gives fully to the people in her life.  Her husband is well-loved, her children are well-loved, her friends are well-loved, even her neighborhood is well-loved.
  • Amy has a tender heart towards God.  She pursues Him big!
  • Amy is an organizer.  She sees the big picture--but in detail.  She has great ideas in creating community.  She's helped organize Halloween block parties, outdoor movie nights, book clubs, bunko parties, children's ministries, etc.  She could easily be the director of a very large ministry!  She's not afraid of big challenges.
  • Amy is musical.  ;)
  • Amy is a beautiful mother.  I love watching her with her kids.  She loves them!!  But she also enjoys them.  She encourages their hilarity, craziness, dancing, music, art, and creativity.  Their house is loud and FUN!  
  • Amy has home schooled her kids at times.  She loves teaching her kids to read.  She loves watching the lights come on in their little minds.
  • Amy loves art.  This is a passion-in-process.
  • Something Amy has recently tried is building with wood.  She made some open shelving in her kitchen--she's not afraid to try anything!  She's created things from many Pinterest ideas and does a beautiful job decorating her home with them.
  • Amy is introverted--although she's so much fun you'd never know how reserved she really is.
  • Amy has a heart for pastor's wives.  I believe God is going to give her a large platform from which to minister.  It's going to be fun to watch!
  • Amy loves to cook.  This is really interesting since she never wanted to learn how to cook as a kid.  Ha!  She's learned all on her own and now feeds her family amazing meals.  She's not afraid to try new things.
  • Amy is kind.  She listens intently to others in an open and thoughtful way.  She's very non-judgmental and looks for the best in others.  I've learned a lot just by watching this in her--I love this!
I love this girl a lot!!  It's an amazing thing giving birth to someone, watching them grow up, and then becoming someone you admire and learn from.  I think she did a great job picking out a husband--because we love Jay.  But I think he's a pretty lucky guy, too.

I love you,

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