Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Let me lick your face!

Yesterday, Shanna stopped by with the kids on their way to visit with her sisters.  It was a nice surprise!  She'd promised the boys she'd get them a Lunchables which they could eat at my house for lunch.  So while she was gone to the store, Dax was finally waking up and was being ornery with his little sister.  He would go over to hug her and then...lick her!  Typical big brother stuff.  Of course, little sis would squeal and try to get away from him and he'd do it again.  So as he walked by me, I grabbed him and hugged him and as he was wriggling to get away-- I licked him!  I was laughing and he immediately got mad!!  And there was nothing I could do to make him un-mad.  Ha!  I love those kids--even when they're mad.

I was laughing to myself this morning as I found this out-of-focus photo on my phone.  I thought I was capturing a sweet moment between brother and sister...but caught this instead.  Dax's tongue going in for the big-brother-irritation.

But then I thought about how I get irritated with others over the things they do.  That is, until God points out the very same things are true in my own life.  It's a principle, you know.  Proverbs 27:19 says it this way, "As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects man." When we get irritated by the things others do, we only have to look in the mirror to understand why.  It's true in our own lives.  It's also true when we're resisting someone.  We resist those things in others that we don't like in ourselves, or our flesh.

So next time someone licks you in the face and you get mad....you'll know why!

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