Monday, April 11, 2016

Hadassah Melat

Hadassah Melat came to us from Ethiopia.  Many people ask if Hadassah was her Ethiopian name. was Esther's Hebrew name in the Bible.  But Melat is her Ethiopian name.  This photo was taken after her mom and dad met her.  She turned 5-years-old on Sunday!

I was blessed to babysit the three older kids while mom and dad went to bring her home.  We couldn't wait for her to get here!  And she's been encircled by love ever since.

Soon, her personality was blooming.  One thing about Hadassah (or Dassie, for short) is that she's been well-loved since birth.  Her nannies in the orphanage loved her and gave her lots of favors.

And with so much love from her family, her personality has blossomed bigger than life!  She never meets a stranger and is just as loved by everyone else.

She has a big sister who LOVES her.  They are best friends.

Bookends.  I love that they have the same heart-shaped face.

She is so sweet and goes full-out all day.  But when she crashes, she crashes.

Her mom and dad gave her a "Frozen" bicycle for her 5th birthday!

She'd never ridden a bike, but she took off like a pro!

And never looked back.

And she blew enough bubbles for the whole neighborhood to enjoy!  We can't believe our little Ethiopian princess is 5!  

I love you,

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