Monday, April 11, 2016

Isaac Joshua

Isaac Joshua turned 13-years-old on Saturday!  Isaac is our oldest grandson.  The funny thing about this video is that he'd already accidentally seen his drums in his dad's car trunk...which proves he's a great actor!!

But he was pretty excited to see a drum set already set up and waiting for him to play.

His dad was explaining to him they already had practice pads on them (makes them a tad bit quieter).

He shares a birthday week with two other siblings, so there was lots of gift-opening going on!  Andy & I were so glad to get to share their "birthday" with them on our way home from Rogers, AR.

I wish I could have found a photo of Isaac as a baby.  He was the cutest thing.  It didn't matter what room he walked into, if there were people, a big smile was all over his face and he was ready to interact with them.  He may be a little more reserved now, but he still loves people.

Isaac was confirmed Sunday night and we were all set to be there to observe, but I got a stomach bug and we came home in hopes of not spreading germs.  I'm really, really proud of this guy.  He has a heart for Jesus and I know God has a big plan for him.  Which will probably include drums....but oh, so much more!

This was his first time to play his new drums. 


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