Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Search for Fame

It's pretty evident we all want to be famous.  It used to be that very few ever became widely known for something great--and it would take years to achieve true success.  But social media seems to be changing all of that.  People are achieving notoriety overnight through YouTube videos or by creating personas on Instagram.  You can even hire people to increase your following instantly.  There's something innate in all of us--I don't care who you are--to want to be "known."

A verse was ringing in my head this morning.  Colossians 1:27.  "He has kept this secret for centuries and generations past, but now at last it has pleased him to tell it to those who love him and live for him, and the riches and glory of his plan are for you Gentiles, too.  And this is the secret: Christ in your hearts is your only hope of glory."

I was overcome with emotion as I began to think on the King of kings--ALL of HIM---living in my heart!!  Think about it.  The God of the universe.  How in the world is He contained in my heart?  ALL OF HIM!!!!  All of His power.  All of His riches.  All of His knowledge.  All of His possessions.  All of Who He is!  All of that is in my heart.  How dare I try to rule over that?  How dare I try to exert my desires over His?  How dare I decide my own way?  HOW DARE I?!?!?

But when I express Who He is through my own life, my body, my mind, my will, my emotions...
He becomes famous.
He is lifted up.
He is praised.
He is exalted.
He is seen.
His way becomes important.
He is preeminent.
He is in the spotlight.
He is talked about.
He is conspicuous.
He is celebrated.
He is championed.

That's my hope of fame and make Him famous.

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