Friday, December 4, 2015


Focus.  Or I could say, drown out all of the noises around you.  The best, and most important, thing you can do in these days is get alone, read the Word of God, and listen.

One day, I was walking down a sidewalk talking to God and waiting to hear Him.  All at once, He asked me (in that still small voice in my head), "Becky, what do you hear?"  I told Him I heard dogs barking, kids playing, birds singing, a motorcycle revving it's engine, and a car honking."  He asked me, "Were all of those noises there a minute ago?"  I had to admit they were.  And then He asked an all-important question:  "Why didn't you hear them?"  My reply was, "Because I wasn't tuned in."  It was a great lesson to teach me to tune in to His voice.

I encourage you to stop.  Take a deep breath.  Open your Bible and read--asking the Holy Spirit to teach you.  He will...that's His job.  And then listen.  Focus.  Tune in.  God's voice is all you need to hear.

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