Monday, October 19, 2015

The Evolution of Facebook

I joined Facebook in January of 2008.  It seemed to be a more adult version of Myspace--even though I loved getting to decorate my own Myspace page.  ;)  When I joined Facebook, we wrote on each other's walls and our own wall about what was going on in our lives.  We checked in on one another...we connected with people we didn't get to see very often.

I remember when Pinterest came into existence and everyone began putting their pins on Facebook.  I was so frustrated.  Why couldn't we keep them separate? (High D on DISC...)   And then began the advent of videos, memes, political ads, sports ads, business ads, etc.

So this morning, I did an unofficial survey.  I just went through the first 100 posts on my Facebook.  And I divided them into broad categories.  And here's what I came up with:

1% Group post
1% Photo of other people
3% Memories
4% Sports
4% Food
13% Religious Ads/Stories
15% Political Ads/Stories
15% Videos (Mostly humorous)
15% Personal Messages
17% Business Ads/Promotions of Personal businesses
25% Memes

Facebook has definitely evolved.  I just think it's an easy way to post mindless stuff, to jump on someone else's bandwagon, or post things out of boredom.  I'm not saying reposting is bad.  I've done a lot of it myself.  I know I've read memes which seemed meant just for me at just the right time.  And others can write articles which convey my heart.

But what if we all took responsibility to change the percentages?  I've made up my mind to write more personal messages, post my own photos, make my own funny videos, encourage others myself instead of using a meme.  I want do some REAL connecting instead of mindlessly reposting.  I can see how mindlessly reposting is a lazy way which can turn my mind into mush.  I want to connect with purpose.  I'm choosing to revolve.

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