Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Remote Connection

Have you ever had someone take over the control of your computer remotely?  My son, David, who lives in Minnesota works in IT and today I texted him because I kept having a malware cleaner pop up wanting to clean my computer.  (He told me, "I wouldn't install malware.  Haha!"  I do know that much, Dave...)  So to fix it, he had me download a program which would allow him to remotely operate my computer.  It looks like this (watch the cursor--my hands weren't touching my laptop--I was filming):

I told David I loved to see him work--it was almost like having him here!  As I watched him clean up my computer, I had the thought that this was a lot like giving God control of my life.  I had to give David permission to work remotely on my laptop.  Just like I have to release control to God.  David took over because he knew things I didn't know.  He could tell at a glance what needed to happen when I didn't.  Just like God.  He knew how to repair the problem and bring order out of chaos.  And after it was all over, my machine was operating properly and at a better speed.  All like God.  It was an interesting analogy to watch take place right in front of me.

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