Friday, May 22, 2015

Who am I?

One of the things Dr. Tina Hay did at the retreat was to mention the meaning of some of our names--our given name and sometimes our surname.  So I thought it would be interesting to research all of my names and--in the spirit of "noticing everything"--see what it says about me.  I encourage you to do the same---it's so easy to do today with the internet!

Of course, Becky is a derivative of Rebecca or Rebekah which is a Hebrew name.  It literally means "noose" or "to tie."  From that, many updated versions will say it means "captivated or captivating."  When I first looked for the meaning of my name years ago, I found it meant "trap or snare."  That always bothered me.  But when you look at the story of Rebekah in the Bible, you'll see her life became a trap for her husband and sons.  She was partial to her son, Jacob, and together they tricked or snared Esau (her firstborn son) and Isaac (husband) and Esau lost his birthright to Jacob because of it.  I like captivating much better.  ;)

From the endearment "darling" or "tenderly loved."

Sanders is my maiden name.  It appears Sanders, an Anglo-Norman name, came from the name Saunder which is a derivative of Alexander.  And Alexander means "helper of mankind" or "defender of men."

My mother's maiden name is Childress, so it becomes a part of me.  It is an Anglo-Saxon name and comes from the Old English words childra-hus which means "child house" or orphanage.  Childress may have been a nickname for an orphan.

I married into the Dietz family and because of that vow, took on all it offered.  Dietz is the diminutive of Dietrich, hence "little Dietrich."  The first part "diet" comes from a German word meaning "people" while the last part "rich" comes from the German word "reich" which means ruler.  So Dietrich or Dietz means "ruler of the people."

As I studied on these names and their meanings and allowed the Holy Spirit to speak to me, this is what He showed me...

Spiritual Meaning...
God, the Great Helper of all mankind came and took me, an orphan, and adopted me into His family.  He didn't just take me in...I became His tenderly-loved He invested in.  He raised me up and trained me to be a strong, warrior woman capable of ensnaring the enemy in his own traps and to tighten the noose around the enemy's neck for the destruction of his dark plans.  Because I became a protector and an initiator to release others from Satan's snares, there are many who stand today and have become warriors in their own rights.  I hate what the enemy wants to do to mankind.  I desire to see the fulfillment of God's perfect plan in each person's life and count it a privilege to help build and create wholeness and bring them to their full potential and to their God-given destiny.

Orphan            to             Warrior