Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Notice Everything!

Before we went on our retreat, we had some paper work to fill out and a DISC personality test to take.  In the paper work, we were asked what our top 10 passions were.  Now I've learned that when I take these kinds of tests to not over-think them...because I'm an over-analyzer by nature and want to give the "right" answer.  So I honestly didn't take a lot of time as I began writing the first things which came into my mind.  I figured if they popped into my mind that quickly, they really were my greatest passions.  And because the "paper work" was actually all done online, I didn't even make a copy for myself so that I could go back and look at it.  So when I stood in front of the room that first day to repeat what they were to the class, I didn't even remember all of them.  But they were my passions.  One of the leaders took my list and showed me how they all fit together--that I liked to learn new things so that I could then invest in people.  My key passion is to influence others.

We were told to NOTICE EVERYTHING!  That was it.  It didn't come with much more instruction except to say that the things we do and enjoy in the natural have spiritual meaning.  So I've been noticing everything.  Yesterday, I was noticing how I was reacting to Andy.  After having read the in-depth report on my DISC test and realizing how I'm made up, I was laughing at myself.  Yes, I'm very much a "could you get to the point?" kind of person.  My mind was in high gear all day yesterday.  One of the women at the retreat had mentioned a TV show which was one of her passions.  I began thinking about what I liked to watch on TV.  HGTV is my go-to.  There are many programs on that channel which I enjoy.  So if I'm going to notice everything and the natural has spiritual meaning...what does that say about me?  It became as clear as a bell:  I delight in watching a "building or remodeling" take place in a person's life.  I like to build and restore lives and...the Church.  I like to design and make others beautiful.  I love bringing someone to completeness.  I began sharing this with my sister, Sandra, and she said, "And once that's done, you're ready to move on to the next project!"  Yes!!  I'm never content to stick with one project.  I move from project to project in the natural because I don't want to get bored.  I don't move as quickly in the spiritual because it takes more time to see completeness in people.  Who knew that watching HGTV said something about my inner makeup?

Back to my top 10 passions.  When we got to the greatest passion of mine, I was overcome.  I was even surprised by the depth of my emotion.  Want to know what it is?

Interacting with my adult children. 

Interestingly, I'd blogged this before I left for the retreat.  My four kids have been my greatest "building project" (since they were born) and now I'm getting to see their completeness.  I am ENJOYING their blueprint (God's...not mine) and delight in watching their own expansions, remodels, designs, and decorating.  They are just FUN!!!  And I am so blessed that they include me so I can get an up-close and personal look at what they & God are up to--because I love a good, inviting open house.

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