Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Cross

The cross was the biggest thing in Groom when we moved here in December of 2013.  I took many, many photos of it in different lighting, different skies, clouds, snow, etc.

It was easy....there wasn't anything to compete with the cross.  There are lights on the cross and when you drove into Groom at night, you could see it for miles!

The landscape has changed.  Wind turbines have moved into our neck of the woods!  I'm so happy for land owners who are benefiting from the income of these turbines on their land.

But it's now hard to see the cross.  The cross used to be the tallest thing on I-40.  But the wind turbines now outstretch the cross.

They're distracting from the cross.

I think there's a lesson here.  The wind turbines came distraction at a time.  The cross was always still there, but it got harder and harder to see.  And now you can drive down I-40 and never even notice the cross.

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