Friday, January 9, 2015

The Temple Veil

The tabernacle was made up of three parts--the outer court, the inner court, and the Holy of Holies.  The high priest was the only person who could go behind the veil which separated the inner court from the Holy of Holies.  They would tie a rope around the high priest's ankle so they could drag him out in case he died while there because of unconfessed sin.  But behind the veil is where the presence of God resided on the ark of the covenant.  The high priest met God's presence behind the veil.  

When Jesus died on the cross, the temple veil was torn in two--from the top to the bottom.  (Matthew 27:51)   GOD tore the veil.   By His tearing the veil, access was given to every believer to the presence of God.  In fact, we've become priests and are also now the new temple of God!  We have access to the presence of God and also carry the presence of God with us wherever we go.

I've been discussing this with my sons and my sister this week.  Matt made this observation:  "The tabernacle housed the presence of the Holy Spirit (Shekinah Glory) in the most Holy Place.   I've always thought that when the temple veil was torn, it was to signify that we could enter into His presence.  That's wrong.  It was to signify that His presence could leave the constructs of the tabernacle and move into the living tabernacle (us).  Most Christians live with the restrictive model of the old covenant, not allowing the Spirit to be displayed at all.  The veil was torn that we might display the Shekinah Glory of God to all humanity.  When we ask the Glory of God to come down, we're making the wrong request.  We should be asking the Shekinah Glory to come out!!"

And then Sandra made this point, "It makes you wonder how many people have tried to sew up the torn veil?"  Indeed!  People have been afraid of the Holy Spirit and have tried to tuck Him neatly back behind the veil.  

We are the temple of God.  We house the Holy Spirit in our hearts.  We then become the place for God to meet with men.  Everywhere we go, we should be allowing the Spirit of God the freedom to reveal Himself to all mankind!  Let's quit trying to sew up the veil which God has already torn in two.

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Sivamjothi said...

If we do the meditation by focusing the mind in the divine light eyes, ego,karma and maya will be destroyed by divine light. The pupil of eyes - louts feet - is now blocked by 3 shits as veils. When the pure heat generates multiplies, veils will be destroyed. Will obtain mukthi!