Thursday, January 22, 2015

In the Spotlight

It was 1990.  I don't usually watch the CMA awards, but I did that year.   I remember a young Garth Brooks sitting on the edge of his seat (literally) as he waited for the announcement of the Horizon Award (kind of like a "newcomer's" award).  I've never seen someone so transparent, so visually eager, so they waited for the announcement.  Musicians and actors usually try to appear cool, calm & collected at award ceremonies even though their stomachs may be in knots.  Not Garth.  He sprang out of his chair when his name was announced and I almost thought he was going to twirl someone in the air!  He was one excited guy!

By 2001, Garth was through.  After 2 Grammy's, 17 American Music Awards, an RIAA Award and multiple platinum and diamond records, Garth decided to retire.  When he announced his retirement, he looked tired--like he'd been ridden hard and hung up to dry.  He was tired of the spotlight and what celebrity status had done to his family life.

Why is it we humans are so eager for the spotlight...and then hate it after we get it?   (Not that I have much experience in attaining it...)  But I've heard many stars bemoan the fact that they have to hide when they go out in public.  They can no longer go to the grocery store without being mauled.  Or they're hounded by the paparazzi and feel they can no longer be themselves.  Celebrity status has set them apart and they begin to lose a part of themselves and they become lonely.  I think if given the choice, many would choose to go back to the way it was before there was a spotlight.

We were not created to be worshiped.  I'm not saying it's wrong to be popular or to have a "following."  But I am saying that you need purpose in life--and that purpose must be to worship God with your life.  And any praise given you must be directed to the One who deserves it all.

I can't imagine how hard it is to live under the spotlight and to have everything you do examined with a fine tooth comb.  I don't know how you keep your head squarely on your shoulders and your feet solidly on the ground.  I don't know how you keep your heart humble.  Except for this:  you must worship your King.  And you must continually praise Him.

Garth is back!  And I pray he finds true success.  May we all be content in being the light of the world.   We'll have no need of a spotlight when we're reflecting the one true Light.

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