Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Road Less Traveled the 2nd

Our Thanksgiving was so much fun.  As most of you know, Andy & I don't have a house.  We're living in the basement of our old house which David & Lindsey have purchased from us.  And they were gracious and asked the family to join them for Thanksgiving this year.  It was different for all of us.  Amy's family stayed with my mom because it was the half-way point between us and Jay's mom and dad in Briscoe.  Zach & Shanna stayed with Shanna's parents and Matt was at Andy's mom's house.  So it all worked!  We were all together on Thanksgiving day which was lots of fun and filled with good food.  Matt fried 2 turkeys and everyone else brought their specialties.  It was great.  It's always so much fun catching up with each other.  But one of the greatest blessings for a grandmother is watching the cousins play.  Eight of our ten grandkids were here and they all had someone close to their age to play with.

Everyone came back Saturday so that the guys could all record on Matt's new album.  So while they were in Fritch recording together, the cousins formed their own band (which includes dancers) and named it A Road Less Traveled the 2nd.  (In case you don't know, their Uncle Zach was in the band A Road Less Traveled.)  It was so cute.  And it's so fun to see their musical talents and to see the love of music perpetuated in the next generation.  So I thought I'd share their music with you.  I think you'll be surprised at how good they are!  I can't wait to share their band photos with you later.

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