Friday, December 27, 2013

The Accident

Our move was going so smooth a week ago today.  It was the last thing on the truck...our king-sized mattress.  Matt & Andy were getting it off the truck and Andy was backing it down on the ramp.  The wind caught the mattress and Andy fell off the ramp, hitting his head on the fence, his knee and hands on the ground, twisting his ankle.  I'd been taking pictures and had my back to them but heard everyone yelling.  By the time I turned around, Andy was telling everyone he was ok and was standing up.

That evening, we were pretty tired and hadn't been to the grocery store yet, so we went to The Grill here in Groom to eat supper.  When we got home, it was dark...and Andy tripped over a 1-2 inch rise on the sidewalk and began hopping around on the foot he'd hurt earlier.  He came into the house wanting to bite nails.  We immediately got ice to put on his ankle and I began looking for some Advil.  He was moaning and sweating and trying to find some relief.  My stomach was in knots.  We both knew it was broken...and we had no insurance.

I went over and laid my hand on his leg and prayed, asking God to heal Andy's ankle.  I went to our bedroom (across the house) and got my phone and texted my kids, asking them to pray for healing.  I then texted some friends who are prayer warriors and asked them to do the same.  I went back to Andy and he was already worried about preaching the next Sunday--he didn't think he'd be able to stand.  I got more ice and kept praying.  Friends were offering to get an inflatable cast for his ankle and we were trying to figure out how to meet to pick it up.

Within an hour, the pain was gone.  Completely gone.  And Andy was walking without a limp.  It never did swell or turn colors...unlike his hand.  The next day, we went to Amarillo to do hospital visits and some Christmas shopping.  Andy walked all day on that ankle and it never hurt.  (Andy never shops all day without his feet hurting but they never did that day.)

Of course, we never had an X-ray so we can't prove it was broken.  We can only go by the intense pain.  But even if it wasn't broken, God healed Andy pain and no residual effects.  We were amazed and wanted to share what great things God did that night!

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