Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spider Web

Last night, David, Lindsey & I were sitting in Robby Yarbrough's back yard talking when David pointed out a spider hard at work creating a spider web.  He had watched it drop down and begin its work.  Every once in awhile, during our conversation, David would tell us to look at how much work had been done on the web.  Finally, we all couldn't stand it---we had to get up and watch.  It was amazing.  The intricacy, the order, the spacing of each part and the overall effect just pointed to the spider's creator. The spider had a use for each leg.  The back leg was catching and holding and looping the thread as the front legs began the new threading. How does a spider know to do what it does?  How does it know how to make a web?  Where does it get its design?  Where does all that thread hide in that small spider? (And as David pointed out--spinning just to catch its food for the night!)

At one moment, as we were all watching and as David was about to take a picture of the spider and its web, the dog accidentally hit the bottom of the web and everything broke apart.  The web rolled up to the top and dangled from the wood.  The spider zoomed to the top of the wood to hide.  We all sat down, disappointed that we hadn't captured it on film and that we didn't get to see the finished product.  And we watched.  The spider finally came down and rested in the rolled-up web, finished with her work.  I guess she was content to catch whatever fell into her leftover web for the night.

Sometimes it's enough just to be amazed by God's creation...and wonder.

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