Monday, July 15, 2013

Favorite Photos of the Month

These photos are in no particular order...but I was going through the photos on my phone and smiled over each of these and the stories behind them.  So I thought I'd share these favorites.

We've been to Dallas a few times lately and Andy usually suggests going to the yogurt place where you add your own toppings.  It doesn't take much convincing for the rest of us to go.  I always laugh over how many toppings the kids can manage to add to their cups.  I didn't notice the guy photo bombing us in the background til David pointed it out! 

This started out small.  David bought Andy a Duck Dynasty tshirt.  And then the rest of us got one.  And they're all different!!  And this isn't everyone in the family with a DD tshirt--we've converted the least likely.

We had a Sanders Family Fun Day July 6.  Gary & Amy hosted lunch and fun at their new home in Amarillo and then we all went to Wonderland.  It was a GREAT day!!  I love my family!!

I didn't even take this photo--I think Sarah Satour (Scott's fiance') took it.  These guys all went on this ride and I think Zach lost it!!  I just love the looks on everyone's faces.  
From left to right:  Andy, Matt, Zach & Scott.

I love God-surprises in my life!  Terry & Dani Stegall surprised us and walked down to Zach & Shanna's house in Dalhart while we were babysitting and we sat outside and talked for an hour or two.  What a fun time!

I love this photo.  Andy is showing Dax his mission videos.  It's become their thing when we're together.  He wants to see them all.  One generation passing on the passion to the next.

Shanna took some photos of Andy for his book and we snuck in a few of the two of us.  She took this and somehow it was sent to my phone.  She's so gifted!

This isn't a great photo, but I love the moment!  Ryan & Addie found out they were going to get to go see Monster's University---by themselves!!  We settled them in their theater with goodies (and plenty of friends in that theater to keep an eye on them) while the adults went to the room next door to watch another movie.  They were thrilled!!!

This is evidence that I'm being stretched in my culinary experiences.  I actually loved the food!

This has been a great month of experiences.  We've gotten to spend time with most of the family doing new things.  I've loved having time to do it all.  
God is good.

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