Monday, November 12, 2012

Dallas Days

Andy & I did something we never do--we took off for a few days just to be with friends and family.  We went to a formal dinner in Dallas at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium for the Messianic Jewish Bible Instititue.  They honored Glenn Beck as a supporter of Israel and he was their keynote speaker.  Andy & I love Israel and we recently met the founders of this organization through some friends and were invited to attend this dinner by those friends.

There was a display of many scrolls.  This was the Torah in a special case.

It was a real pleasure meeting Glenn Beck.  I appreciate that he loves Israel.  He was very warm and personable.  I've heard that before, but it was very true.   Amy calls this our Olan Mills family photo with Glenn Beck.  Ha!!

This is the group of friends we met in Dallas and spent time with.  These were some of the first people we met in Borger 25 years ago and we love them dearly!!  We went to dinner together at PappaDeaux's the night before and laughed our heads off!!  Oh...are there some stories!  It was great being together.

After the MJBI dinner, we went to spend some time with Jay & Amy and their family.  It felt delicious to take the whole weekend (we hardly ever miss our church on Sundays!) and visit the kids and even go to church with them.  Andy had never been to their church (All Saints Dallas), so it was really special to get to go.

Miss Olivia.  She's getting so big!  And she's becoming such a sweet, thoughtful, caring big sister.  

Miss Hadassah...the little sister.  She's adorable and has managed to quite become a Wright.  She fits right in.

Saturday morning, Andy went to throw the football with Isaac (black shorts) & Josiah (red shirt) and the whole neighborhood turned out for the game.

Mom & Dad attended a wedding of some friends from Dalhart Saturday night, so we had a party.  It included Subway, The Muppets and popcorn and candy.  Later, Buff told an original Buff Bedtime Story.

Josiah took a photo of us girls Sunday morning as we prepared to go to church.  Olivia gave me the bracelet I'm wearing.  We got to participate as Jay led worship at his church and observe a moving service of confirmation.  We had a great time in Dallas!!  

We saw this beautiful sunset on our way home.  We made it home...and 30 minutes later, Andy joined the staff in driving to San Antonio for the evangelism conference!  I, for one, was glad to unpack.  But what great fun we had!

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Lindsey said...

Looks like fun! Poor Andy though...