Saturday, November 3, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

 It's anniversary weekend.  David & Lindsey asked us a few months ago to babysit for them so they could take an anniversary trip.

They're celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss.

We've been anticipating some quality time with their kids...and vice versa.  I can only hope we've met their expectations.  Because they had some pretty high expectations of these grandparents.
 We started the first night right.  We taught them how to carve and boil a weenie so that it had a face and hair.  (Just like we taught their dad.)  Ryan's had a really mean face and some fabulous hair!

Addie's had a happy face, some great hair and a designer dress!

That first night, Pops took them to a Borger Bulldog football game.  They got their photo taken with the mascot (Addie's favorite part of the game)....and then they sat at the top of the stadium seats to watch the game (Ryan's favorite part).  They came home with a megaphone and clappers.  

Today, Pops had to sing at a funeral in Pampa.  That created a new game plan for us.  We called Granny and made plans to spend the day with her.  And cousin Ben came over!  The boys discussed Tai Kwan Do and then the three of them pretended to be spies behind Granny's great trees.  They had a blast!

While we were there, Addie came in with a pecan she found in the backyard.  Granny told her a squirrel probably dropped it there because she doesn't have a pecan tree.  On her own, Addie went in the backyard and smashed the shell and cleaned it...and ate it!

When we got back to Borger, we went by Mama's house and Ryan got to take a close look at Papa's Indian arrowheads.  He's been fascinated by arrowheads and we even looked for some last week together.  He was pretty impressed.

And, of course, you can't make a trip to Mama's house without enjoying a soda.
We've watched movies, thrown the football, taken deep baths and finished off with hot towels and still have a day of church ahead of us.  It will be over soon.
I'm sure mom and dad know that, too.  I only hope they've had as much fun as we've had...

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Lindsey said...

I think you met and exceeded their expectations! They're still talking about their time with you. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! David and I needed this time away just as much as Ryan and Addie needed time with Guh and Pops!