Thursday, November 29, 2012


I can't go to sleep.  Know why?  There's so much anticipation in my heart!  And I think that's crazy!!  If I had to give a word which I thought would describe this point in my life it would be "resigned."  And that probably comes from watching people who've traveled this path before me.  But instead, I am incredibly filled with anticipation.  And for that, I'm glad...and grateful.

Isn't it good of God to do something like that?  To surprise me at the last 1/3 of my life with anticipation?  I absolutely have no clue what is ahead of me.  But God has thrown out some incredible possibilities and gotten me all excited!

Andy had an agent tell him today that she couldn't put his book down (the book he wrote about his experience of being kidnapped in Budapest).  She wants to send it to a publisher and thinks they'll pick it up.

I love surprises.  And God knows me.  I'd hate to get to a place where I was resigned with life.  I hope God constantly fills my life with surprises.  I want to anticipate each phase of my life.  What a great Daddy!!

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