Friday, October 12, 2012

Dax & Gus

I went to Lubbock last weekend to keep Dax & Gus while their mommy & daddy went out of town.  While I was there, both boys got sick.  But I got some good pics of them before that happened--and even after it happened.  I'd kind of forgotten how hard it is to take care of sick kids.  As a result, Dax got to watch lots of Elmo and Gus got lots of swing time while the other child was being cared for.  I love these boys---they're so dang cute!!

I brought a couple of costumes for the boys.  This is Dax the Spider.  

Gus will probably hate this picture later--him in a gown.  But isn't he sweet?

Dax reminds me so much of his daddy at this age.  He loved to perform and wear crazy things for hats.  So does Dax.

I hadn't noticed the little dimples on Gus' mouth until this photo.  It reminds me of the dimples on his cousin, Josiah.

Dax stopped the swing to help put the pacifier in Gus' mouth.

Sweet Gus
(He's so laid back!)
You can hear Dax singing with Elmo in the background...

Dax dancing with the robot
(Sorry, Dad...I didn't notice him dripping the bottle!)

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Lindsey said...

Oh those sweet boys! I still think Dax looks like a red-headed Ryan! And Gus just has a precious look of his own. Sorry for all the sickness!!