Saturday, September 29, 2012


What is it you hope the following generations don't forget?  I've watched the conflict that has arisen in our churches over "worship" (meaning which songs we sing) and the way we dress at church.  I finally had an older man explain to me that he was afraid the next generations were going to forget the songs that his generation loves and not come to church and give their best to God (meaning the way they dress).  I totally understand what he's saying.  I honestly believe it comes down to respect. I want to respect the generations who have preceded me.  Hymns aren't necessarily my favorite songs with which to praise God--but I respect the generations who love it.  I honor that the words in those songs are passing down truth about God from one generation to another.  I don't love wearing dresses, nylon stockings, and heels to church, but I totally respect how important it is to the older generation.  They feel like they're offering their best to God by dressing that way.  I honor it...even though I may not pattern myself after it.

What do I treasure that I hope the following generations will embrace?  Truth.  There's almost a panic in my heart as I watch the younger generations.  Believing that there is a right and a wrong is dying.  Believing that God's Word is the standard is becoming obsolete.  If I could make sure the next generations cling to one thing, it would be...


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