Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Wright's Have Moved

Well...it's official.  The Wright's have moved.  They were living in a townhouse and moved into a house.  They're still in Dallas and just a a few miles from where they were.  Their neighborhood is beautiful.  I'm so proud of the house they've gotten...I know they were tired of townhouse living.  But they had to wait until this little doll got to the United States of America before they could make the big change...or deal with more paperwork.

This is adorable Hadassah.  Lots of people have asked me if that is her Ethiopian name.  No...it's Esther's Hebrew name in the Bible.  And Hadassah (Esther) was in Ethiopia.  Interesting, huh?  Our Hadassah's middle name is her Ethiopian name:  Melat. (pronounced: May'-lot)  Hadassah Melat.  I think it's beautiful.  SHE'S beautiful!

But then...all four of the Wright kids are beautiful!  I took pictures of all three bigger kids holding Hadassah.  And this was the best.  Ha!!  The big Wright kids love their new sister.

Granny (my mom) went with me to help Jay & Amy move.  She did all of the packing of the things that were left at the townhouse.  She will be 79 years old next month...and she can still work circles around me!  It's really kind of embarrassing.  And she was thrilled to get to meet her new great-granddaughter.

People in Jay & Amy's church entertained the three oldest Wright kids Friday and Saturday while we worked.  They had a blast!!  They got to go see The Lorax, eat a multitude of junk food, shop, go swimming, and visit at a friend's house.  The people at All Saints Dallas are pretty special people.  I enjoyed getting to meet several of them.

Aunt La-La also went with me.  Granny packed...I loaded, transported, and unloaded...and Lindsey helped Amy unpack it and put it up.  It was also La-La's first time to meet Hadassah.  She even had her saying, "La-La" before we left! You can tell they fell in love with one another. 

Even though we helped pack, move and unpack, it was really all about #4.  (Great shirts, Mindy!)  We got to spend some special time with all of the family...but we want/need to get to know Miss Hadassah.   And she is a hoot!  She's never still and will be walking before we know it.  In fact, if you hold her hands, she tries to run!  And that pretty much sums up her happy personality.  She fits right in with the Wright family.  And I could tell she's feeling much more secure and comfortable with everyone.

By the way, the Wright's house is great---4 bedrooms and 2 baths.  Amy is still within driving distance to Central Market. ;)   And they met a neighbor across the street who is their age and from Amarillo!  I think they're really going to like this house and this neighborhood!  Now if Amy can just find everything....


Marcy Faye Hallden said...

darn that cute little Hadassah! She is too cute for words. Glad they are in their new place. Lindsey has a great nickname.

amy wright said...

Thank you for all of the help. We could not have done it without the 3 of you. Cute pics, by the way.

Ronnie said...

She's adorable!!! Can't wait til the Wright clan comes to Borger and we can meet her - LOVE the name Hadessah!

Sandra said...

I'm still sad that I missed out on that trip!! Glad you got them moved in!

amy wright said...

Sandra, you just need to come with mom sometime when there is no work to be done. :)